CfP: PopSriptum – The Groove Issue

Da hätte ich doch glatt was vergessen: Für die nächste Ausgabe des Popscriptums werden Beiträge zum Thema “Groove” gesucht:

Groove is ubiquitously applied in musical discourse. Groove is increasingly relevant in the public debate among musicians and in the media. We understand the  term in a broad semantic range: The British star violinist Daniel Hope talks about Groove in relation with baroque music, one of the most important German electronic music magazines is called Groove, in the realm of jazz Groove has long been a central expression, Berlin based music software developers Ableton endowed their program Live with a Groove Engine during the last version update.

We are as highly interested in playful metaphors and personal concepts of musicians, DJs and music producers as we are eager to learn about research on the psychology of musical perception, rhythm analysis and specific examples of bodily performative practices as well as their social meaning.

Deadline ist der 1. April (kein Scherz) und  mehr Infos, sowie den originalen Call for Papers, gibt es am (leider nicht wirklich aktuellen) Blog Groove Institute Berlin.

Weil wir gerade von Groove sprechen. Hier eine schöne Mini-Doku über den großartigen Fela Kuti-Drummer Tony Allen.



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