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Time Lapse Phonography

The concept of time-lapse photography might be common to some of you.  Andrew Spitz (a South African sound designer and founder of Social Sound Design) has expanded this idea a little bit:

I wrote a program in Max/MSP to automize the whole process. Every 144 seconds, the software capture one frame from the webcam and a 100ms slice of sound […].

via: Noise for Airports


Sampled Room

Two wine glasses, panties, a bottle opener, a hair drier, some tape, a spring, an old UDSSR camera, a spanner, a tube pack and some water. What else to do with these items than to make some music, right?

Mateuz Zdziebko did exactly that.

via: The Fox is Black

Fuck you. Pay me.

Although this talk by Mike Monteiro (Design-Director and co-founder of Mule Design Studios) focuses on some basic guidelines for freelance designers to survive in this dirty business, I think it´s worth a look for everyone who is self employed or otherwise enganged in the vast field of cultural/creative sevices.

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Soundsculptures: Zimoun

This video features the sound sculptures and installations by a Swiss artist named Zimoun. Using different materials like wires, cables and chains on dc motors or even woodworms as sound sources, his installations create constantly moving streams of mechanical, yet organic sounds. The video is actually quite long but presents a beautiful continuum of noisy clicks and buzzing sounds.

via, The Fox Is Black, Noise for Airports

The Vinyl Experience

This hypnotic footage by deathstar shows the production line of one of the oldest record record production factories in Europe.  Palace Records is located in Germany and uses machinery that dates back to the sixties. The video is accompanied by the track “pushing…” by Bunker Hill.

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