Put some punk on your bookshelves

Punk has reached an age where it may not be dead, but surely prefers a glass of red wine and a fine read over a sweaty moshpit. In this spirit, two books will see the light of day that are made for future relaxed evenings of grown up punk rockers.

April, 2nd sees the release of “Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone”   –  “a razor sharp stiletto from the grave delivering the story that has never been told before“. Published 8 years after his death, it features “Johnny´s assessment of the Ramones’ albums; a number of eccentric Top Ten lists; rare historical artifacts; and scores of personal and professional photos, many of which have never before been published” (Amazon).

Mike Watt, who has been working the bass for The Minuteman, fIREHOSE and The Stooges, will publish a photographic memoir. In “Mike Watt: On and Off Bass” (forthcoming May 2012), “photographs […] are punctuated by Watt´s poetry and snippets selected from 10 years of this diaries.”

You can pre-order it over at Three Rooms Press.


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