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Efterklang – Piramida [Trailer]

This is the new trailer for Efterklang´s upcoming record entitled Piramida (out in September 2012). It does not fit the season at all, but makes you want to go out, build an igloo in your front yard and record the sound of melting snow instead.


CfP: Symposium “Junge Musikwissenschaft 2012”

Am 23. – 25. November 2012 findet die Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft in Kooperation mit dem Institut für Musikwissenschaft der Universität Innsbruck statt. Im Zuge dieser Veranstaltung kommt es auch zur Tagung der Sektion „Junge Musikwissenschaft”, die sich als Kommunikationsplattform für einen fachlichen Austausch über aktuelle musikwissenschaftliche Forschungsthemen versteht. Alle Studierenden, die an einer Diplomarbeit, an einer Masterarbeit oder an einer Dissertation arbeiten (oder diese vor kurzem abgeschlossen haben) sind herzlich eingeladen, einen Vortragsvorschlag zu unterbreiten. Thema und Abstract mit einem Umfang von max. 300 Wörtern, sowie ein beigelegter kurzer Lebenslauf (Werdegang, Forschungsschwerpunkte etc.) können bis zum 15. Juli 2012 per E-Mail eingereicht werden.

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Herbert Deutsch on the Minimoog

Herbert Deutsch (Wiki) talks about the development of the Minimoog (that he co-invented together with Bob Moog) and plays one of his early compositions.

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Sounds of the city

Listen Here is an interesting service that allows locals to share the favourites sounds of their city with tourists, giving them a more genuine,  culturally rich travel experience. The concept is by product designer Nicola Hume and you can find out more about the project´s evolution at Listening Here in the making.

A tangible, engaging map in the city centre is the focal point of the service. Locals leave microphones that transmit ambient sounds in their favourite places, before marking them on the map. Visitors are then able to “listen in” to these places, gaining a sense of the atmosphere before choosing where to visit. Using sound alone to represent environments, creates a sense of mystery and encourages exploration.

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A brilliant poster series by Genis Carreras explaining philosophical thoughts through basic shapes. More here.


OFF! – Cracked

OFF! already got some love here (and here) but their latest album ist just too good. This is the video for Cracked – the first of three videos directed by Whitey McConnaughy.

Before we say good night

Most of the time, listening to the radio is nothing but a drag. Very rarely it happens that radio actually brings some interesting stuff to your ears – but it still does: Sweet Sweet Moon doing a sweet sweet cover of Psalm for the Elks Lodge Last Call by the evergreat Weakerthans.

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