The Books – A Dot in Time. [box set]

Watch Nick Zammuto reveal some details about the upcoming, career-spanning boxset  A Dot in Time. by The Books. He celebrates the release (on July 24 via Temporary Residence) with drinking the second beer of his entire life (and it seems highly unlikely that he ever will drink a third one).

The Books – The Box from Nick zammuto on Vimeo.

A Dot in Time. will collect all four of the band’s albums, remastered: 2002’s Thought for Food, 2003’s The Lemon of Pink, 2005’s Lost and Safe, and 2010’s The Way Out. It also includes 45 rare and unreleased cuts, collected as a double album, titled Music for a French Elevator and Other Oddities.

The music is accompanied by a cassette-shaped USB drive with MP3s of all of the songs, and a new 2-hour DVD, Freedom From Expression, with the Books’ 21 music videos, including six never-before released clips. The box set also includes a 56-page picture book about golf.

via: Pitchfork


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