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Another Robot

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Eddie Vedder Tour Poster: Austin, Texas

Poster for Eddie Vedder’s show in Austin/Texas by Demones (via: Everybody loves our town).

Wasted Time

An Illustration/collage by Mika Mäkinen (via: WE AND THE COLOR).

Rise, wash, and adress Powerful Goodness

“There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision, and for whom the lighting of every cigar, the drinking of every cup, the time of rising and going to bed every day, and the beginning of every bit of work, are subjects of express volitional deliberation. Full half the time of such a man goes to the deciding, or regretting, of matters which ought to be so ingrained in him as practically not to exist for his consciousness at all. If there be such daily duties not yet ingrained in any one of my readers, let him begin this very hour to set the matter right.” (William James) –

Benjamin Franklin’s daily schedule (via: this isn’t happiness)

The Evolution of Drum Machines

In this video, Linn explains that our assumption of drum machines appearing in the early 80s is incorrect, and he takes us on a tour of early electronic rhythm devices such as Leon Thermin’s Rhythmicon (1930), the Chamberlin Rhythmate (1957), Raymond Scott’s Bandito the Bongo Artist (1963), Seeburg’s Select-A-Rhythm (1964), the PAiA Programmable Drum Set (1975) and the CompuRhythm CR-78 (1978). Craig probes with questions regarding interface design for musicians vs. engineers, discusses the development of drum interfaces, and talks about how the Akai MPC changed his production and composition techniques. –

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Spiritual Reconnaissance

Spiritual Reconnaissance by Ben Kehoe (via: this isn’t happiness)

Brad European Tour Poster

To celebrate Brad’s debut shows in Europe, this beautiful green and gold screenprinted poster has been designed and produced by the brilliant artist Nick Rhodes. –

The limited edition poster is available at the Establishment Store.

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Stina Nordenstam / Purple Rain


Be safe.

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