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Béla Bartók’s Fourth String Quartet on Electric Guitar

Guitarist Joe Gore (with the support of three versions of himself) brings together dissonant modernism and “Hello Kitty” with this pretty neat arrangement of the fourth movement Allegro Pizzicato of Béla Bartók’s String Quartet No. 4.

And how does this string quartet music sound on guitars? Awesome, IMHO — largely because the movement is played entirely pizzicato (plucked, not bowed). Very few modifications were needed to adopt it for four electric guitars. –

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The Only Record Store in Mauritania

We happened to be in Nouakchott, Mauritania while chilling in Africa so we decided to stop in at the country’s only record store, Saphir D’or. Turns out it rules! We chatted with Ahmede Valle, shop proprietor and seasoned DJ, about record collecting and the unifying powers of music.

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For the record

A expedition undertaken to discover, learn, meet and document the ideas and people behind the controls of vinyl record production.

Recorded over 6 weeks, travelling through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK – For The Record exposes a number of notions about why vinyl is such an indelible medium and how it continues to remain popular in the the face of opposing format change. –

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VIECH – U Can’t Touch This // MC Hammer Cover

VIECH not only got an awesome new single out, but also did a sweet cover of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”.

Viech – Steuermann


Sometimes it takes someone from Spain to turn your head and ears to some homegrown music. Thank you, mighty internet!

Steuermann” is the brilliant new single by VIECH from Graz/Austria and you can get it for just 1€ in their shop. It’s the first track off of the album VIECH which will see the light of day in March through sevenahalf records. Gute Sache!

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A Visual Compendium of Guitars


A catalog of 64 famed guitars culled from over 75 years of rock ‘n’ roll history. Rendered in exquisite detail is everything from Leadbelly’s famed 12-string to Woody Guthrie’s Fascist-killing machine to multi-necked monsters to an axe shaped like an axe. –

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Acid Sushi


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