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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade by Burlesque Design (via OMG Posters!).

Beck Hansen’s Song Reader

In December 2012, a new album by Beck will see the light of day, but you will not be able to listen to it right away.

In the wake of Modern Guilt and The Information, Beck’s latest album comes in an almost-forgotten form—twenty songs existing only as individual pieces of sheet music, never before released or recorded. Complete with full-color, heyday-of- home-play-inspired art for each song and a lavishly produced hardcover carrying case (and, when necessary, ukelele notation), the Song Reader is an experiment in what an album can be at the end of 2012—an alternative that enlists the listener in the tone of every track, and that’s as visually absorbing as a dozen gatefold LPs put together. –

No vinyl, no downloads, no fancy box set – sheet music and nothing but. The package (available through publishing house McSweeney´s) will include original artwork from a vast amount of artists, but no recordings of the songs by Beck himself. If you want to hear some music, you have to make it yourself.

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Do not worry.


What influenced Steve Reich?

Minimalist composer Steve Reich is one of the headliners of BLOC (July, 6th and 7th in London) and shares the bill with an illustrious circle of artists like Richie Hawtin, Flying Lotus, Amon Tobin and Snoop Dogg.  In this video he talks about how drumming from Ghana and Balinese music influenced his compositions and mentions a new piece based on two Radiohead songs.

He  goes into much detail about how he incorporated principles  of musical practice from Ghana and Indonesia into Music for 18 Musicians. Listen to exactly that below:

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Bibio officially opened the season. So, get your stuff and get out. Now.

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