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James Blake Concert Poster

James-Blake-Concert-Poster-Rio-Theatre-Santa-CruzRather nice concert poster for James Blake at Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA by CTeague Design.

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Punk As Fuck: Steve Gullick


One of my first art books was Steve Gullick’s pop book number one. Especially his concert photos display some kind of immediacy that got me hooked every since.

This short film and interview was taken at the tail end of February 2013, just before Steve’s ‘Punk As Fuck’ exhibition opened in London. Showcasing work taken between 1990-1993, this documents some of the preparation work as well as some of the h istory behind the images. –

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Melvins Lite Gig Poster


Weird, a bit creepy and by Jim Altieri.

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The Anatomy of a Stereo Cassette Player

Stereo-Casette-Player-AnatomyAfter “Audio Cassette Anatomy” comes the second print in the “Audiology” series by Atelier Défense d’Afficher. They have an Etsy Shop where you can get it (even in a very limitied canvas version).

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A Visual Compendium of Guitars


A catalog of 64 famed guitars culled from over 75 years of rock ‘n’ roll history. Rendered in exquisite detail is everything from Leadbelly’s famed 12-string to Woody Guthrie’s Fascist-killing machine to multi-necked monsters to an axe shaped like an axe. –

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Audio Cassette Anatomy


“Audio Cassette Anatomy”, a 100% Belgian screenprint by Atelier Défense d’Afficher has an edition of 100 and by now there still some left at their Etsy Shop. Go buy, or not.

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Dinosaur Jr. – Gig poster for Vienna 2009


Concert poster for a Dinosaur Jr.  show  at the Arena in Vienna by Michael Hacker –  freelance illustrator, comic artist and cofounder of the artist collective Atzgerei.

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