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Adrian Utley’s Synth Collection

Source visited Portishead’s Adrian Utley in his home studio to get his reactions to the Arturia MiniBrute analog synth. While we were there Adrian gave us a tour of his analogue synth collection (the stuff that was there, that is!) – SourceDistributionTV

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Almost a year ago I blogged a time lapse phonography piece by Andrew Spitz. With phonoLapse (a desktop app for Mac and PC) you now can create your own audio time lapse recordings.  Head over  to to get it for free.

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Discovering Electronic Music

Short, precise and straight from the 1980s. Invest some 20 minutes in learning the basics of electronic music production (or just enjoy watching men with stange hairdos making weird noises).

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Time Lapse Phonography

The concept of time-lapse photography might be common to some of you.  Andrew Spitz (a South African sound designer and founder of Social Sound Design) has expanded this idea a little bit:

I wrote a program in Max/MSP to automize the whole process. Every 144 seconds, the software capture one frame from the webcam and a 100ms slice of sound […].

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