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James Blake Concert Poster

James-Blake-Concert-Poster-Rio-Theatre-Santa-CruzRather nice concert poster for James Blake at Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, CA by CTeague Design.

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Tame Impala Concert Poster


Rad concert poster for Tame Impala’s show at The Vic Theatre/Chicago by High Duke Design. You can get a screen print of this poster at their shop. Do it!

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the stuff that dreams are made of


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Spiritual Reconnaissance

Spiritual Reconnaissance by Ben Kehoe (via: this isn’t happiness)

Read. More. Books.

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Dinosuar Jr. Concert Poster

Concert Poster for Dinosaur Jr. at The Bluebird Theatre, Denver by John Vogl (via).

The Dumpster Project

Mac Premo is New York based collagist and animator who has accumulated a vast collection of everyday objects, from baseball cards and skateboards to pagers and used shoes. When it was time to move into another (smaller) studio, Premo decided to document, photograph and write about all the pieces and to use them in a huge collage in a dumpster; hence The Dumpster Project.

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