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Artist Denmark protesting copyright extension (via Wooster Collective).

Embrace the Remix

Kirby Ferguson is known for his web series “Everything Is A Remix” (check it out here and there). In this TED talk he explains the idea of the trychotomy of “copy – transform – combine” being the basic element of creativity –  a basic element that he does not see represented in copyright and patent laws. They run counter to this notion building on the creative work of others by using the analogy of property.

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Infographic on Sampling

With 1967 different tracks using samples of his music, James Brown is the most sampled artist according to this neat infographic from – more fun facts below.

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Vienna Music Business Research Days

From June, 29th until June, 30th the Vienna Music Business Days “want to bring together scholars from all disciplines and interested music business professionals […] their findings and exchange ideas about it.”

This year´s edition is entitled “new music consumption behaviour” and the program looks very interesing. You can find it here, as well as information about the  registration. Admission is free!

The elements of creativity

“The elements of creativity” is the title of the 3rd part of Kirby Ferguson´s series “Everything is a remix”. It´s online for some time now but worth a post nevertheless – the first two parts can be found here.

Creation requires influence

“Everything is a Remix” is four part web video series produced by Kirby Ferguson. Part one and two have already been published and are worth a look. Part one features forefathers and pioneers of remixing like Led Zeppelin and  William Bourroughs, whereas the second part takes on the issue of remixing in film. Make sure to check out the blog about the series for transcripts, samples and references.

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Copyright Criminals

In Copyright Criminals kommen so unterschiedliche Künstler und Kulturtheoretiker wie Matmos, Public Enemy, Steve Albini, Lawrence Lessig,  Siva Vaidhyanathan und George Clinton zu Wort. Die Debatte über die Sinnhaftigkeit der bestehenden Copyright-Regelungen im 21. Jahrhundert wird dabei vor allem über das Thema “Sampling” aufgemacht. Neben historischen Beispielen (Biz Markie und De La Soul), wie diese Regelungen kreatives Schaffen einschränken können, kommt  auch der “Most Sampled DrummerClyde Stubblefield zu Wort. Auch Walt Disney bekommt wieder mal sein Fett weg – schade bleibt einzig und allein, dass Steve Albini sich auch anscheinend in diesem Jahrtausend noch mit dem Gedanken anfreunden kann, dass auch Turntables Instrumente sind.

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